A Simple Guide for Renting a Car on Easter Island

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Chile is Easter Island, where visitors flock to explore its archeological sites. If you wish to explore the island, a great way to do so is by renting a car. Public transport does not exist here.

When to Rent a Car

Unless you arrive during the festive season of Tapati Rapa Nui, you will not need to book a car beforehand. A good way to access a rental car on Easter Island is to use a car rental website.

Getting Your Car

Renting a car will cost you between $70 to $250 USD; it will depend on the make and model you pick. If you want to get great prices, you can pay in cash for the car. Additionally, renting for a week or month will help to lower the price. Most cars use a stick shift but you might also get an automatic transmission if you pick a large car rental service such as Oceanic.

Requirements for Renting a Car

One of the major requirements when renting a car is a driver’s license. This will be important if you want to avoid trouble with the law. The car you get will come with some gasoline. When returning it, the car must have the same level of gasoline. Only one gas station can be found on the island. The cost of gas is about $5 for a gallon.

Traversing the Island

Most of the roads are now covered with asphalt. The island has a single main circular road that makes a loop around it. Making the loop will take you about an hour. Most road signs are similar to the ones you would find at home. It is important that you follow all of them.

You Do Not Have Access to Car Insurance

Insurance cannot be bought here. You are required to pay out of pocket if the car experiences any damage. When renting the car, the rental company will check and note its condition. Upon returning it, the car is examined again to determine if it is in the same condition.

A simple workaround is to use your travel insurance to cover any costs, which you incur when paying for repairs. Always request for receipts for any work done. When you return home, your insurer will compensate you for the cost. Most incidents are usually a punctured tire, which costs about $10 to repair.

Other Modes of Transport

Besides vehicles, quad bikes and motorbikes can be rented on Easter Island. Oceanic offers both of these options. Besides that, they offer a wide array of brands and models from which to pick. If there is a particular model you like driving, you can find it on our site.


A visit to Easter Island can be a lot of fun if you have the right mode of transport. You must keep in mind that you have to respect the archeological sites. Avoid touching the archeology in order to preserve it for many more future generations.

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