Explore Easter Island in a Dodge Durango

On your next trip to Easter Island, consider renting the powerful Dodge Durango from Oceanic. This powerful, sporty SUV is a great way to have a smooth ride and show off to other vacationers during your visit to Rapa Nui. The Dodge Durango manages to combine that vintage look with modern technology.

The Interior of the Dodge Durango

When you rent a Dodge, one attribute that you will like is the massive amount of space this SUV offers. It is fitted with three rows of seats that can carry up to eight people. Even if you are traveling as a family of five, this will still be an awesome car. It will ensure that everyone can sit comfortably within the cabin while plenty of extra space that can be used as storage. The Dodge SUV is fitted with two ACs, which offers extra comfort for those in the back. Its rear car seats fold into the floor, which offers you more than enough storage for all the souvenirs and luggage you have.

Driving Experience

Despite being so huge, driving the Durango is quite smooth and refined. Its engine is quite nimble and powerful. If need be, you can tap the accelerator to generate a gentle roar and the vehicle responds quite well. Another aspect you will love about the car while driving it is the stereo system. It can be quite pleasurable to enjoy some music as you cruise around Easter Island. GM always makes an extra effort when building its sound systems. Paired with an AUX cable connector, it will be a lot of fun driving the Dodge Durango.

It is also worth noting that the seat offers great height and visibility on the road. This increased visual awareness is quite useful especially when you are driving around the rough roads in Rapa Nui. Its height makes it quite easy to maneuver since there are no blind spots and all corners can be seen from inside the car.

An unforgettable Driving Experience

With its powerful engine and nimble driving experience, the Dodge car rent is the dream car you should drive. If you want a memorable experience as you visit even the remotest corners of Rapa Nui, you should do it in this Doge SUV. It is a car of great build quality that is made with modern systems and high-end materials. As a result, you do not have to worry about any unforeseen incidents that might force you to dig deeper into your pocket for repairs.

Get You Dodge Durango from Oceanic

Dodge Durango
Dodge Durango
Dodge Durango

The Dodge is created by the same company that invented the Chrysler. As a result, you should expect only quality when you get your car from Oceanic. However, even the hardiest car needs regular maintenance including things such as simple oil changes. You can be assured that this car rental service maintains its cars in the best condition. It ensures that your holiday trip around Easter Island will not be interrupted by unexpected car breakdowns.

If you want to book this car for your trip you can do it right here on our website.

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