Moai: Rapanuis Ancestors Living Faces

These great stone statues are something that you have for sure seen at somehow, and you have now the opportunity to discover them with your own eyes! If you are planning your next trip with your family why not try your luck visiting Easter Island’s greatest ancient attractions? Let us show you the great ways you have for taking your loved ones to see the Moais with rentacaroceanic.com.

Why to consider the Easter Island as your destiny

The Moais are that kind of attraction that might not look that amazing when you see them in a picture but when you see them with your own eyes, you’ll discover they are absolutely fantastic. Here you will find a quick list of reasons you might like to visit them and experience this amazing adventure along Rent a car Oceanic.

You can find everything close to you

On the contrary of many Polynesian islands, the Easter Island is small, thus you can find all the interesting places pretty close. You can walk around if you want, ask for a vehicle or even ride on a bike, all those options are cheap. Even better, if you are with rentacaroceanic.com you can ask for a rented car during your stay for having all the control by yourself with an excellent price.

Food and memories with convenient prices

Do not get yourself confused by big numbers on the prices, the Easter Island’s common currency is Chilean pesos (CLP) so conversion rates will reduce them. You can find excellent prices for your food, services and basically everything you need.

What are the Moais and why to visit them

Moai is the local name in Rapanui language given to the great monolith, or ancient stones of an amazing size which had been shaped with the appearance of a human sculpture. The complete name given by locals is Moai Aringa Ora, wich means “ancestors living faces”.

These are two of the most beautiful experiences in the world: Watching an absolutely spectacular sunrise at the Ahu Tongariki, with the fifteen Moais in line, and watching the sunset at Ahu Tahai, respectively at the beginning and at the end of the day with spectacular lights and colors, we strongly want to invite you to watch these natural wonders, rentacaroceanic/tours is also here to offer you the possibility of taking your loved ones with you.

Rent a car with us and drive wherever you want

With the absolutely fantastic prices you can find only at rentacaroceanic.com, you will be able to go from one attraction to another in no time and for the cheapest price. Going by yourself is a great idea, you can rent an ATV and go running in four wheels.

Tours on Easter Island to AhuTongariki and Tahai

With rentacaroceanic.com you can request for an excellent and absolutely unforgettable experience in a tour with your loved ones through Easter Island. From the Ahu Tongariki at the sunrise to the Tahai at the sunset, you won’t be able to forget these magical experiences.

Take a deep breath of the seas pure wind, watching the sunrise from the most magic angle, with the Moais in the same direction, right towards the sun and a similar experience at Tahai with the fantastic sunset. Prepare yourself to enjoy a peaceful and extraordinary evening among one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Sunrise tour: A great travel with everything included at the best price

With CLP $30.000 each (around USD $50) you’ll get an excellent service that includes: A Mini bus (Toyota Hiace) for two hours and 15 minutes, with a specialized driver, including the pickup and return to the hotel and with drinks and snacks for everyone!

The sunrise tour will absolutely purify and recharge your energy feeling the nature waking up around you. It’s a wonderful moment to share with your loved ones, friends or family, in front of this amazing view that you’ll never forget in your life.

Photo Tour:  the Tour that will follow your rhythm

What if you want your specialized driver to stop on every touristic place for you to step down and see what the Easter Island has to offer? Easy. For CLP $50.000 (around USD $84) you can also hire a specialized driver to keep your own rhythm.

If you are looking for a way to capture different good places and fantastic moments either in your memory or in a camera, this is the tour for you. You will have enough time on every stop for capturing and watching all the natural wonders you might want to keep in your heart and in your instagram forever.

Sunset Tour: Go to the other point of the island!

Delight yourself with the sunset, the twilight falling down. Experience two hours of an absolutely invaluable view of the sun hiding in the sea, again with the Moais at your side, watching towards the sea, the sun and the twilight.

With rentacaroceanic.com you’ll have the greatest chance of watching all of these amazing places in no time, and the most important point, in comfort with your loved ones!

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