Go across the Easter Island with Rent a Car Oceanic!

We are hoping you are having a nice day! If it is the case that you feel fascinated with the natural and human-hand-built wonders of the Easter Island, something that you are strongly going to need for sure is a way to get moved from one place to another easily, quickly and comfortable.

Rent a car – the best choice for tripping through the Island

Have you ever considered how many tourism wonders which can be found in the Easter Island, you would be completely aware of the fact of that there is quite a lot of distance between the Rano Kau Volcano and the ahu Tongariki, if you are willing to go to see all of that places, you will absolutely going to need a car to be comfortable, and to see all of them with no delay!

Where to rent a car in the Easter Island

The best way to find a rent-a-car service in the Easter Island is, of course, through internet, for that way you will be able to get the car you need and reach those fantastic places in no time! Here we will show you how to hire these services and to enjoy your experience in a 100%.

If you do not know about any website for this purpose and you are not familiar with anyone who might support you, you can take the advice to take a look around https://rentacaroceanic.com/ and see if you can find what you need, for it has a fantastic variety of touristic vehicles and more.

Facts to have in mind at the moment of choosing a rented vehicle

If you are willing to rent a car for your trips around the Easter Island, there are some details you might need to have in mind for taking the best choice and for not wasting one of your dollars. One of them is about how many members does your family have or how many companions are going to roll with you.

Choosing a 4×4 car for families and friends

If you are traveling with your family or college classmates, you should calculate and decide the type of car depending of the number of people who came with you. The 4×4 cars s are excellent for medium size families, if you are traveling with your soul-mate and your children, two, three or even four kids, you can ask for baby chairs, for having the tinniest ones of yours safe during your relaxing tripp.

Our Mazda 4×4

The same happens if you are a college student during a project or a classmate trip and you came with your friends, if you are four or five, these cars are going to be perfect for your trip. And you will have all the versatility in them for getting wherever you want in no time.

Which 4×4 cars are available and most recommended

As you can see in the website, there are plenty of 4×4 cars you can choose from, but here you will be able to read a quick selection of the best ones going from the bottom to the top!

  • Dodge Durango: This powerful and elegant car will take you and your family or your classmates everywhere with the heavy step of a Rhino, you can find it on the website for an entire day by just 150.000 CLP. This will be excellent if you are eight people or less.
  • You can take 5 people with you with the Suzuki Grand Vitara and have a quicker and lighter trip through the Easter Island with your family or friends, and enjoy the freshness of a Japanese car taking you all around the Island. For 65.000 CLP a day!
  • If you are taking just 4 people, if it is you, your couple, and two kids, you can taste by yourself the STAR of the quality-price relation in this website, the Suzuki Jimmy family car will offer you the best tripp just for 50.000 CLP for a whole day.

Minibuses and Vans for taking EVERYBODY with you!

With Oceanic Rent a Car you do not need to worry about the quantity of people who came with you, if you want to go across the beautiful and exuberant Easter Island with all your family or with an entire class of your college, do not hesitate anymore! For here you can ask for Minibuses and Vans as you wish, and even you can hire a driver for 6 hours if you need to.

The best largest cars for your whole-family trip!

If you need to take with you around 16 people and you want them to have each one their sit, you can spend just 250.000 CLP in the largest vehicle of the website! This is a minibus with excellent space and a fantastic looking, nothing less than the Mercedes Sprinter for the delight of your companions, who will be all the time looking through the windows to the landscapes.

Our Mercedes Sprinter

The BEST Quality-Size-Price relation among the Vans and Minibuses is the one who will be there for you to take 10 people with an amazing price: 120.000 CLP, and it is the Toyota Hiace, which has the same price than the Hyundai  – H1 and allows you to take two more people.

If you have no problem with that, and you are taking just 8 people, you can easily take the economic Hyundai APV just for 100.000 CLP and it will take you and all your people with no problem through all the wonders of the Easter Island.

Rent a car for your trip through the Easter Island today!

Do not worry anymore about the transportation on your trip, your vacations or your project travel, with Rent a Car Oceanic, you will have everything you might need in just a few minutes through your Smartphone or traveling laptop, internet has the solution for you again. Remember this site and you will not be alone, try it!