Quad Bike Riding in Easter Island

When you visit Easter Island, a fun way to explore the Island’s archeological sites is on a quad bike. It is a great alternative to renting a car. When you rent a quad bike, you get to view all the scenic areas without any restrictions. Here is a bit about renting a quad bike.

Why You Should Rent a Quad Bike

One of the main reasons to hire a quad bike during your visit to the island is due to the thrill you get. The feeling of the wind as it rushes past your face as you explore all areas of the island is hard to compare to anything else.

Besides that, a quad bike allows you to visit areas that would otherwise be hard to access. In some areas, the paths are just too narrow for you to visit with a car. As a result, you might be forced to avoid them or take long and tiresome walks if you hire a car.

Another reason for you to get a quad bike is that the Easter Island weather is perfect for it. This island is a popular summer destination for tourists from all over the world. You do not have to worry about getting drenched in rain any time you use a quad bike. The skies are always blue and the temperature is just right for you to ride a quad bike. You do not need any air conditioning, with a bottle of water and a pit stop for refreshments; you should be good to go.

Renting a Quad Bike Is Easy

The whole process of renting the quad bike is quite easy. It takes place online and you only need to avail yourself at the pickup station to get the quad bike. If you choose a rental service such as Oceanic, you will book the bike online and agree on the collection date.

Besides that bike, you will also get a helmet as a necessary safety gear. Once you take the bike, you will also be provided with contact information for remote assistance. In case the bike breaks down or you are stuck, you can be assured of getting help in good time.

The prices are also quite great. For less than 99 dollars a day, you can get yourself a quad bike. An important issue for renting the bike is that you must be at least 18 years old.

Tour Easter Island on a Quad Bike on Your Next Visit

A visit to Easter Island would feel incomplete without using a quad bike to explore the many beautiful sites around the island. One benefit of visiting the island is how cheap it is. Accommodation and transportation are all quite cheap. In fact, the only real cost you incur is the price of flights to this magical destination. It is definitely worth the visit.

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