Should I Rent a Suzuki Jimny for My Holiday in Easter Island?

The Suzuki Jimny is a car that has been around for many years and has won the hearts of many. This popular mini four-wheel drive vehicle handles itself quite well in rough terrain. The car has enough space for four people and a small boot. If you are going out for a one-day excursion on Easter Island, here are some reasons you should consider the Suzuki Jimny.

Greater Accessibility

While the main road that leads to most of the major sites around Easter Island is tarmacked, there are still numerous that are not tarmacked or are not in great condition. With a Suzuki Jimny, you will have access to these spots that are off the beaten path. The Island is full of amazing sites that you can visit but some can only be accessed with an all-wheel-drive vehicle such as the Jimny. For just about $80 a day, you can discover hidden secrets in Easter Island that might not be listed on any of the popular travel sites.

More Comfort

If you want to have a comfortable journey without having to stop in order to dig out your car out of the mud, a Suzuki Jimny is the right choice. When people hire a 4×4, they usually have comfort in mind. For that, you need to find a car that is well-maintained. Cars offered by Oceanic are all well-maintained to ensure that their suspension is always in good condition. As such, you do not have to worry about being tossed around as you try to tour the island.

It is Quite Safe

Another important reason to rent the Suzuki Jimny is safety. The car is a great way to tour areas off the beaten path, knowing that it can handle all of them with ease. Besides that, the car is fitted with airbags to keep you safe in case of any incident. Additionally, if you hire from Oceanic, remote assistance is just a call away. It ensures that your safety is guaranteed.


Convenience is another major reason for anyone to hire a 4×4. When you hire this car, you are assured that you will get to your destination without any unnecessary delays. You can traverse the toughest areas of Easter Island and take memorable pictures. A 4×4 allows you to visit the sandy beaches as well as the mountainous regions.

Better Acceleration

With all four tires spinning, it only makes sense that you will get better acceleration. In most cases, the same road conditions that affect tire traction also affect your ability to accelerate. With a Suzuki Jimny 4×4, you will be able to accelerate with ease and get to your destination in good time. This acceleration is important in certain conditions. For instance when you are trying to turn onto a road or get up to speed fast on the main road.


In general, a Suzuki Jimny is a great choice if you are traveling as a pair or even as four people. It will get you to your destination fast without having to worry about delays caused by bad road conditions.

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